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A Rat Rhyme
Christmas Carol Before

Lo awoke sometime later. It was light out and the birds sang their songs to while drizzle sheeted the city. The soft light painted hazy rainbows in the light grey sky. Lo watched this sight considering the dream he had had. It was a rather cliché retelling but still there was something in it that made him feel. Something had rejuvenate him. Calling relatives he had wished them a Merry Christmas and was invited to several dinners. He had not decided which to attend.

I left wearing a light jacket and getting a little wet by the time he reached Midnight Grounds. A few people drank their coffee and talked about a Merry Christmas. There was a light happy sensablity in the air. People had just had the tension of the day before relieved and now could bask in the warm after glow of that feeling. Though sighs said they would close at 2 Lo still sat and drank.

"Look what the cat dragged in, if it weren't the reclusive Menlo Granes," It was Kelli clearing a seat, "Merry X-mas and how are you doing?"
"A little better." Lo responded smiling at her.
"I know that look, that's the 'I just got a good grade shit eating grin' you have. What's up?"
"Just things are in perspective."
Kelli watched Lo. Finally responding, "Now that things are in focus what's the plan?"
"Just to be Kelli, Just to be."

So with that we end. Lo did pass of his night as a dream but there was still some lasting impact on him. Although he did return to his former self there was some marked change. As for what he became: you would have to read on.
Have a Merry Christmas where ever the holiday finds you.

Thanks to these people because I wasn't able to do this alone:
Chuck Dickens: For writing the thing.
Vanessa Kahin: For lending me some insight.
Floudering: For having ghosts of Parents visit kids
And to whoever reads puts up with this. Hopefully it wasn't a waste of time.

© Sal Ponce 2001