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POV: 3rd

It was sometime after lunch when Kelli finally returned to the Shopper. The morning session had gone good. The places had been closer together and the bus drivers didn't give her any problems about bringing the bike onto the bus, which was rare. The new restaurant had even given her a basket of bread which was a little rare but since Kelli hadn't brought a lunch was a nice touch. If they had known she wasn't the reporter they probably wouldn't have done it.

By now everyone was there. Still the main room wasn't crowded and her desk was relatively empty. Someone had placed an old issue of the Shopper on it. It was the first time a photo of her's was on the cover and it wasn't a good one. She usually kept it in her desk as a reminder of what the job gave her but still it was weird it find it there. Taking a quick inventory she found nothing else gone. She dropped off the film and checked the time. Still too much time before the meeting and milling around city hall was boring. The reporter wouldn't be in for a while.

Going back outside she pulled a cigarette from her bag and lit it.
"Peaceful," She thought, "So fucking peaceful." Staring across at the Laundry mat that was also in the strip mall she sat in the shade and smoke.
Finishing the cigarette she went back into the building and picked up the phone that was ringing on her desk, "Kelli Sandur."
"Kelli, I didn't think I'd get you." The voice seemed familiar but not enough to make a match.
"Who is this?" She asked still using her professional voice.
"Lo, I was wondering-"
"Why are you calling me, I have work to do." She cut him off.
"Listen can you get me a job?"
"I need some work and I don't know who to turn to so I thought maybe you could put in the world and get me a job."
"Lo you're out of your fucking mind. I have enough problems keeping my job. I'm not going to risk my ass to get you one."
"I need you're help Kelli," He pleaded.
"I don't have that power."
"There aren't any openings."
"Come on, just a chance."
"Fine I'll try."
"Thank you I won't let you down."
"You better not."

She hung up, shaking her head. It wasn't that she couldn't get him a job the chances of an opening were kind of slim. Even then it would count on her if he wasn't any good. It was a huge risk and she wondered why she was taking it as she knocked on Caulfield's door.

"I was wondering," she started after being let in, "If we have any positions open?"
"Why?" He said regarding her suspiciously.
"I know someone who's interested."
"Does this person have any skills?"
"He's good at sorting things," She lied.
"Anything else?"
"I don't think so."
"Get a name and put them in. Tell'em we'll call if anything opens up."
"Ok." She said leaving and getting the hell away from there.

She called Lo's house and left a message. Kelli knew that Lo wouldn't get the job. Not because she said he had no skills. The real reason was Kelli didn't have the enough time at the Shopper to really push for the job. Not that her job was that good either. She took some consultation in that as she picked up her things and left for City Hall.


© Sal Ponce 2001