"To repeat from memory without attaching any meaning to the words;
anything repeated by rote." -Alexander Warrack's Scots Dialect Dictionary, 1911

Rat Rhyme is a serial online story that is updated twice a week usually on Tuesday and Thursday. (Hopefully)

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News as of Dec 24
Well that wraps it up. It ended very shortly and I still like the way it did. Not too sappy but still a nice little ending. More of a falling action then anything else. So I'm going to take a week or so off and then come back with chapter 3. Then a new story because I've been working on Band of Misfits for over a semester and it's time for a change.
It can wait until the new year though.
News as of Dec 23
My original idea was to have this story wrapped up by Christmas day. I thought I had it down pack turned out I'm ending on Christmas eve. Oh well I got close. Regardless today's was fun to write. I like Cecil he's such a strange guy. He has no real idea what's going on and in his near view of the world everything is working out. Then he asks people things that are perfecting obvious and it catches them.
I originally thought this stave was going to be longer but I didn't want to go overly sappy with images of an old Lo and I still have problems doing dialogue in the middle of descriptive text. I think I need to say who's talking. I'm so use to writing scripts. Still I think the conversations are good. So final Stave tomorrow and I may even find a way to working "God bless us everyone," I have no great desire to but I figure might as well rip the best known line.
News as of Dec 22
Firstly my great planned Hanukkah joke never came out. I wanted it to and had it planned but it didn't happen. Partly because it wasn't as good as I first thought and secondly because I realized that someone would take it wrong... that is probably wrong.
Still today's was good. I actually wanted the Ghost of Present to make a longer speech at the end but I didn't really have one in mind. I did get a really cheap foreshadow out of it though.
Real cheap. But effective. I mean I want Lo to succeed. I know he shouldn't but I want him to. I don't know if other people feel the same way but I do. I want that guy to find something to work on but there is Doom written in our futures.
So the speech was a hacked and butched version of Dicken's actual one. I wanted to use it but I couldn't figure out how to mention the workhouses and prisons. That was something a bit outdated and saying, "Aren't there shelters?" didn't have the same power. In case you're confused the ghost was Fan Boy. I didn't say it out right but it was.
News as of Dec 21
Now if anyone checked this site before around 5 pacific time they wouldn't find a new story. Although if you're reading this you're in luck. The story is up. I got a little late start on the second story bit. I finally got it done and I also found my copy of Christmas Carol so I found the sections were called Staves and not Canons like I thought. Oh well at least I tried. Next part is going to be good because I can finally have a little Jewish humor going on. I won't give the joke away but there's going to be a little Hanukkah reference. Don't worry if you don't get it it only means your a gentile.
So what did people think of Jessica?
News as of Dec 20
Yes I am ripping off Christmas Carol but I honestly figured I might as well go with a classic. I enjoyed writing this first part and I will have the next part done tomorrow for all the people that read this. I'm sorry about no updating regularly over the year but I hope that changes in the new year. For the time being I'm going to do this Rat Rhyme Christmas Carol. I think it's rather fun and let's me delve into the pasts of the characters. Regardless I'm enjoying it.
News as of Dec 11
Ok so I finally got something together. It only took more longer then I thought. I don't want to start the next chapter of Rat Rhyme yet because I'll just have to stop in a bit so I'll be posting more side stories. I do have a plan for the christmas story and I hope to find time for it.
Since I didn't have something right on hand I just used a character backstory for a game I'm in. Don't worry there's nothing technical in the story so just enjoy.
News as of Nov 30
No stories for this week. I had a tough week with school and all and am hoping to get next week started right but I don't know if I'll be able to. But I do have a christmas story in the works so that'll be cool.