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News as of Nov 23
Ok I was late with the getting Fan Boy finished but I didn't feel like letting it end so soon. Yeah I'm having a little problem with saying good bye with people and right now it seemed a little tough to say good bye to Fan Boy, even if he is a bit annoying.
So next time starts a new section of Rat Rhyme and with any luck it will be a good one. I think I'm gonna enjoy it and just a little spoiler it will focus on the late night antics of the workers of Burger Station
News as of Nov 15
Yeah yeah yeah almost a day late and a dollar short. I tried but I wasn't able to get it done until late.
If I actually had regular readers I'd be more worried.
News as of Nov 14
So I'm a day late? Big deal at least I was able to get it up. I was beat monday and wasn't able to get much done until only a while ago. I think it turned out pretty good and I like the flow.
Like I said to the best of my knowledge there isn't a game called Feigned Intent or a company called Free Thought Liberation Games. Just thought I'd say this again.
News as of Nov 8
Yeah back on schedule. Seems to be going good and in case you're wondering this part of the story is not a true story. It has never happened to me and if there is a DyceGrrl7212 I don't know her.
News as of Nov 5
I got so swamped by work last week and the week before. It was really bad and I didn't get a chance to write anything for Rat Rhyme. Instead of doing just one today I decided I do a little more today and wrote 2 entries for Rat Rhyme. Also Fan Boy has finally began his fall. This should be a little fun. I'm also getting ready for when I restart writing Rat Rhyme because I have a good idea for the next chapter and the next story. I'm hoping it'll work out good but for right now I think it will. Look for a new section on thursday. I will have another one done I promise.
News as of Oct 25
There is no chance in hell I'll get the story out by today. With any luck I'll have it done by tomorrow.
Remember I said with any luck.
I doubt I'm gonna have the next addition out until monday. Things just aren't working out and it looked more and more like I might miss an edition all together.
News as of Oct 18
Fan boy has created a plot that will ultimately be his downfall. It's so very tragic when someone like that has a fool proof plan to retake their former position and end up being the fool.
News as of Oct 16
So Fan Boy has started his fall today.
So very very tragic.
News as of Oct 12
Yeah so I'm a day late, I tried but today was the best I could do.

Whole lot of gaming references today. I won't go into great depth on them but I've included a link to Guardians of Order who make a nice little game called BESM. It's a nice compact system and I won't bore non-gamers with the system. It'll probably be about a month or so before I'm done with The Rise and Fall of Fan Boy but I'm already working on the Real Rat Rhyme story that will be continuing once this has ended.
I added Fan Boy to the cast page because I felt he should join it.

News as of Oct 5

I'm putting a little pause on Rat Rhyme right now and doing something that I was recently inspired to do. It's a side story called The Rise and Fall of Fan Boy. Enjoy.

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