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The Rise and Fall of Fan Boy After
The Fall Before

Dedicated to all the fan boys out there that make doing this so much fun.

Today was trash day.
That's what has happened every day of my life on this day of the week and today was no different. I was eating a breakfast of 3 eggs, some bacon and sausage. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Then it happened. My mom had cleaned my room the night before and I went to my room to look for a book and my box was gone.

It was my box of dice!

My mother threw out my box of dice. Dice I had had since I started playing. Dice that meant everything to me. Dice that I was going to give to my children. They were dice that had brought me through all the tough gaming times. Those dice had more memories attached to them then anything I ever owned and my mom threw them away as if they were trash.

She had no idea what she did. I tried explaining it to her. She just stared at me as the garbage truck moved down the the block. I ran out and looked into the gaping mouth of the truck and I could almost see my box of dice as the truck moved down my street. I yelled at my mom for what she did. The years that I had worked on those dice and she just stared. She had no idea.
No idea at all!

Those dice where my everything. They were my life and now they were just another piece of trash. She had taken the one thing that I had worked for my whole life and threw it away as if it were nothing. Those dice were much more then anything I had. She might as well have thrown out my role playing records but instead she threw out all 4835 of my dice.

Dice that were meant for all situations: high rollers, low rollers, totally random, every color, solid, liquid, marbled, clear, pips, numbers, everything!
Years and years of collecting for nothing. I would have to start all over and I started to leave with that idea in my head when I realized that I had no where to go. I couldn't go to the comic shop. The only role playing store was closed and all my 'friends' wouldn't talk to me.

I didn't have any one to talk to but I also didn't have my dice.

© Sal Ponce 2001