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The Rise and Fall of Fan Boy After
The Fall Before

Dedicated to all the fan boys out there that make doing this so much fun.

The most revolting game company that was ever been born onto this earth, yes I'm talking about Free Thought Liberation Games. Has put out another abysmal supplement for their line of Feigned Intent which was never a good game to start with. See this shouldn't be a problem but FI has become more and more and more worse. First Ed wasn't bad but now their in the 4th edition and each one claims to work perfectly but then they need at least 80 pages of errata, which no one follows, for the game to work. I know first Ed was good because I started playing it when that came out and still have the book. The art was better, the writing was better and the game mechanics were easily the best released for a game in the past decade. Still they ruined it with second Ed and just kept doing that.
And I forgot about the game.

Then I was looking at websites and having a little something to eat when I saw it. Feigned Intent's newest book. Monsters and Wanderers.
This was horrible. If a person hadn't figured the monster rules from every other book that was written for that system then they shouldn't be playing. The company already had all that out and if someone just looked in the 32 other books they could find all the rules they need. There was no reason for a new books. Let alone a book that just took everything we knew and collects it. What kind of stupid company does this. I realize it's a great way to make money but don't they know people have the other books already. After all they are needed for playing.

Damn now it's acting up again. I've been feeling bad all day, like a bad case of indigestion. Now it seems to be flaring up.
That's just what I need food poisoning on top of everything else. I can't believe Burger Station would be against me too. That place has been my salvation and now they too are hurting me.
What a life I have when my favorite restaurant is even against me. This is really getting bad, what next is tomorrow going to be a worse day than today?

I really doubt it. Today was bad and bet tomorrow will be good. I can already see things silently falling into place and everything working out. I just know things will work out in the end and everything will be good in the end. I just have to hold out, get a little sleep and wake up refreshed tomorrow with the promise of a new day on my lips and ready myself for all the glory of the new day.

© Sal Ponce 2001 and there is no Feigned Intent or Free Thought Liberation Games to the best of my knowledge and if there is I am not making any kind of comment about your products.