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The Rise and Fall of Fan Boy After
The Fall Before

Dedicated to all the fan boys out there that make doing this so much fun.
I am sitting at Burger Station across the road from Comic Town and sobbing into my strawberry shake. It happened. I don't know why but it happened. They told me never to come back. I don't understand why. I was just arguing with the new manager about how the comics he had weren't as good as the ones the old manager had and how my credit was still good and about issues of operation when it happened.
He told me never to come back.

Just like that he rid himself of the best customer to ever go in there. It was because of me that the store is still around to this day. If, in the early years, I had not stopped in and put down a lot of money on comics and rpg books they wouldn't have survived to this day. After all the dedication I have had for them. How I helped them start the card collections by selling my old cards.
After everything we've been through together they threw me out. My favorite comic shop got rid of me. It was a horrible experience.
I could go over to The Shelf Zone for comics but they aren't as good. They are horrible in fact. They don't carry what I read and they ignore how important I am to this town. I am the person who has helped found some of the parades and festivals. If it wasn't for me they wouldn't be much to do and no I am rewarded for all my effort by being tossed to the wind.
The don't get how important I am to business. I bring more people in then anyone else and I help keep them going. When I'm gone they will have nothing to do. They won't even have a great person like me who can inform people about how they are going wrong with their books or games or comics. They won't have that person to help them out.
I can live without them but lets see them live without me!

I will start my own shop. I will make a comic shop better then anything anyone has ever seen. It will be an oasis in a sea of stupidity. I will raise people to a new level of enlightenment. My comic shop will be different. It will be perfect. I will care, I will help people and through my help others will be helped. No one will ever be kicked out but people will know that the comic shop is sacred and they will respect the books as though there were sacred texts because they are. I will bring about a renaissance. I will be the catalyst that will alter the entire scene as we know it. I alone will bring about the new order of comics.

I will establish an order that will be known throughout the entire history of things to come as a prophet. I will be the maker of bring people to heights of being and they alone will understand the greatness of everything I teach. This new order will change everything and a new age will dawn on everyone and things will be made in ways that no one has ever seen. This new age make everything so much clearer and I will be better known then any artist or writer that has ever lived.
Once I get my store.

© Sal Ponce 2001