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The Rise and Fall of Fan Boy After
The Fall Before

Dedicated to all the fan boys out there that make doing this so much fun. They abandoned me.
They actually went and did it. My new group decided they didn't want to play with me anymore and abandoned me. They didn't tell me anything but they had 'things' come up.
Things! My ass, they couldn't handle the fact that I was right and they were wrong. They realized that I was right about the unbalanced game and they didn't want to tell me. It's so typical. People find I'm right and then run because they don't want to look bad. People have been doing this to me since the start. They figure out I'm right and then they run because they can't handle the fact that I'm right.
People just don't like being wrong and people can't handle the fact I am always right so I figure I'll just let it drop. I'd give the olive branch but then I don't think they'll take it. Then they will further be admitting their wrong and we can't have that.

When I first started this never happened. People had respect for me. They knew their place and they knew to respect me. I was the game master after all. I was the one who made the world and they knew to respect me. That was so long ago, back when people had respect for games and players were not the people they are now but they were actual players. They how to play not like these days where people do as they wish and the game master has little say. In my old games those people wouldn't have been alive for more then a few minutes. They would have ended up on the plate before a dragon and would have realized never to anger me.

Now things are different. Players don't realize how much work I put into things and that one little thing can cause the whole game to fall into utter turmoil. If I bend the rules one day and then let them slide the next it doesn't work. There is inconsistency and those make for shoddy playing. I work and work and work. I make perfect worlds were everything is as it should be and I am given no respect for my labors. I try and try and try to make perfection the reason to play and instead am greeted by the whine of people thinking my work is bad.
They don't understand that the world is populated in such a way that things will naturally react. Those things are needed. Police need to do a job and criminals need to do another. It all works if people give it time to work.
They never do. They are too determined to get as powerful as they can as fast as they can. Back in the golden age of my gaming that didn't matter.

© Sal Ponce 2001