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The Rise and Fall of Fan Boy
The Rise Before

Dedicated to all the fan boys out there that make doing this so much fun.

Tonight was the last night I will ever game with those people.
It started like this: I looked at my books and then I noticed I hadn't check the errata like I usually do. So I took a look at the errata and found that I had done a lot of things backward. I got out all the sheets and made the checks and found out that most everything was undercharged. Then I made corrections and found that every single character was in debt. The debt was so great I couldn't just ignore it. I did think about that but the errata, the company approved errata, told me otherwise so I made the choice and did the deductions.

I went to the game and showed everyone their sheets and each and everyone of them looked at me and asked what I meant by the negative points I put at the top. I told them very calmly that was the amount of points that they owed. They asked for what. I told them miscalculations.
Then everything went to hell. Everyone started yelling. They said how we played and played and this shouldn't be a big worry. I told them it had to be done. It was in the Errata.

The Errata

I made my point repeatedly and clearly that they were wrong and I was right and still none of them agreed. I showed them the truth and they still denied the obvious truth of my rightness. Still they argued and claimed we should ignore it since it wasn't a big game point. I kept telling them it was. It was something very important. To me. If I am going to play I am playing by all the rules, not just the ones I like but all the rules. I don't have to agree with those rules but I'm still playing by them so the balance is kept.
In every game there has to be balance and if I went and let them have their way there wouldn't be any balance. Then there wouldn't be any fun because this would be out of balance and I won't be able to prep right. If I can't prep right what's the point?
I'll tell you what's the point, to them the point is advancement. They have to be the best and can't handle a slight detour. Just a little one. Not like they won't be able to get back to where they are. Just a small detour to a place that will be better once they get there.
But no one wants to wait and no one wants to respect the errata.

© Sal Ponce 2001