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Dedicated to all the fan boys out there that make doing this so much fun.

It's been a few hours since my first gaming session with my new group. It was horrible. I can't believe I ever let that guy play the super powered character. The game worked but it was no fun. They killed anything thrown at them and just started leveling like mad.
It was so horrible.
Games aren't suppose to go like that. There's suppose to be grown and discovery and then a little advancement but what's the good of being level 10 if you haven't developed your character any? None of them even tried, they just sat around and waited to fight stuff. They didn't talk to each other or exchange stories or anything. All they wanted was to kill things.
They did go on my quest though. That worked. I had them confused. None of them realized they were being led on. I almost told them but I doubt any of them would have listened. Now if they had talked to the hobgoblin instead of killing him they might have known. No it didn't occur to them that he was defending his land and would have stopped if they laid down their weapons. So sad. Now they'll be led around the world and I can do whatever I want because they had their chance to solve the problem easily but now it's to the hard way.

About the super powered guy I decided near the end that he wouldn't be playing that character next week. His character is just going to wander off or something. I'll hang onto him though, just in case he needs to reappear. It'll make sense, the character obviously doesn't want to be part of the group and will leave. After all why would someone that strong want to be with a bunch of nobodies?
It makes perfect sense.

I saw my group buying stuff earlier. They pretended like nothing happened and offered to let me play. I was ready to laugh in their faces at that and just walk away but I figured I'd be the bigger man and play with them. I'll show them how a real gamer plays. There won't be no piddly ass story. I'm gonna create a character that will show all of them.
He will be the man.
There's no way a quest could go by without him having the most vital role.

Obviously they looked at all the gamers in town and noticed I was the best. Then they figured if I was in their group it would be better. After all I bring a new life to every game I play. My characters are perfect for any world and in those worlds they work out better than anyone elses. The game will be perfect I have the character built already, I'll show up hand him over and take my rightful place as team leader. With my expertise how could I not be? Each of them will see how good he is at everything and they will have to give him leadership. There's no other way to do it. If he wasn't leader it would be a waste of his talents.
And mine for that matter.

© Sal Ponce 2001