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Dedicated to all the fan boys out there that make doing this so much fun.

Today was my thirty fifth birthday. There wasn't a big party or anything. My mom has since stopped doing things like that. She finally realized that I'm too old for that kind of thing.
About time.
After the party me and my "friends" got together for a little gaming. It was a good game I came up with for 3rd ED. We have been playing it since I got all into A D & D after kind of drifting away. 2nd ED just didn't have the depth I expected from a game. Too much power gaming and not making a well defined character. I'd been bouncing from system to system for years. Some were good and others were crap. We played BESM for a while but then my players began to question my rulings so I dropped those games.
Most systems had their flaws but 3rd ED just seemed to fill in some of the old holes of D & D so I took to it when more stuff came out.

The game was a good one. I out did myself again. The world was huge and had a great history that noone was able to totally figure out. It was really good. I kept them guessing, not because I didn't leave them clues but because most of the NPCs didn't know either. It was a great world. The game was strong the NPCs were strong, the PCs had a few problems but were doing good. My plots had them guessing and wondering and all in all in was a great game.
Then it happened. We had been doing the game and I was telling them how they thought I was using one myth was totally wrong when I was using a way older one and if they knew what I did they would have known that. One of them looked and me and asked, no dared to ask, what that had to do with the game. I told him everything. He said I was boring the hell out of him and everyone else and that they were there to play. I said that was important to play. In what world he questioned. In mine I answered proudly. He scoffed and stood up. He said if anyone wanted a good game then to give him a ring because my game was boring.

He was questioning my right and power as the DM and I told him I didn't need him. My game was good enough for everyone else. Time passed and someone stood up and said they were leaving. I asked why and they said they were bored.
Two gone. More fun for the rest of us. Time passed and people kept going. They were ditching me. The DM the supreme being on this world. They dared to scoff at me but still a couple were left so we kept going. Until one looked at me shook her head and bailed. That was it one left. I looked at him and him at me and then he looked around and said, "Where did everyone go?"
They left I answered.
Because they don't know a good game when they see it and now the real gamers can get down to the rest of the game.
Hey I've been listening to music and drawing, frankly you bore me man. See you later. He said sniddly as he left.

They all ditched me because I was boring. Me I had better plots then any game and the game pace it was perfect. I had been playing for longer then any of them. I made the game work and work well. I was the greatest GM that Venar's Point had ever seen. It wasn't just a game to me, it was the personification of my craft. I was the master of the system and the system worked.
They questioned the affairs of gods and I dealt with them. I made the ultimate choice and it was that none of them would be included in one of my games ever again. It didn't matter how much they begged or whined I would never let any of them in. They wronged me and you get nowhere wrong a person like me. I'd never forgive them. I would show them and show them the might and power of a person like me. Let's see them get a group together because I hardly doubt any of them will succeed in anything more then a boring little game that no one really cares about.

How could a game like that work when mine were filled with intrigue, deception and the most intriguing characters from all around. My game was greater then any of their's put together. That's how it would stay too. I was the master and I would continue to be the master because without me they would all fail and fail miserably. Let's see any of them carry on anything resembling a good game without me.
In a few weeks they will beg me to run for them and then I will just laugh and leave them to game. I will not take pity because without my games none of them will have the enjoyment they seek.
Oh they will pay for this insolence and they will pay by playing stupid games.

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All the rest © Sal Ponce 2001