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Name: The Right Honorable Cedrall "Cecil" Bedrallson
Description: Cedrall looks like a long dead corpse. His body is in a state of decay but still is mostly animated. Skin hangs from his face and he stares at people through milky white eyes. His clothing is the thread bare remains of a what was once a nice cutaway coat, vest and pants. What ever color they were doesn't matter now because they appear to be shadows of grey. The only thing holding them together is the holes. He wear a monicle in one eye and has a sword belted to his waste. He carries a canvas bag that holds the rest of his possessions. This is the only new item he seems to carry.
Mind8 Body5 Soul8
Health95 Energy80 Shock19 Attack7 Defense5
Attributes, defects, and skillspoints per levellevelpoints
Character Attribues
Damn Healthy!133
Dynamic Sorcery428
Item of Power224
Sixth Sense (spirits)111
Character Defects
Not so Fast111
Phobia: fire111
Marked: Zombie111
Skeleton in the Closet111
Physically Unappealing122
Cursed: Dead11 1
Special character Defect: Rot111
Social sciences(Sociology)133
Linguistics 326
Cooking (Gourmet)111
Melee Attack (Swords)5210
Melee Defense (Swords)5210
Items of Power
Monicle of Seeing
Description: A finely crafted crystal monicle on a golden chain. The work around the eyepiece is cut in a swirling pattern and framed with a small eye where the eyepiece connects to the chain.
PowersPoint CostLevelsTotal Cost
Heighten Awareness122
Heighten Senses(sight)111
Rapier of Poking
Description: The metal blade has a slight rose complexion to it that comes from both the rust on the blade and the fact the metal itself is rosy.
PowersPoint CostLevelsTotal Cost
Kensi: Lighting Draw 111
Focused Damage (+15)133
Ring of the Mysterious Stranger
Description: A plain gold ring with an inscription on the inside:" What you see is what I believe I am".
PowersPoint CostLevelsTotal Cost
Illusion (visual)111
The Late Misses Bedrallson's Left Arm
Description: The rotting left hand of Cedrall's dear departed wife Claudia
PowersPoint CostLevelsTotal Cost
Extra Limb 111

Note: I did not make up this table it was made by Tom Bogue and can be viewed at his website