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Name: Menlo "Lo" Granes
Occupation: Unemployed
Back Story: Once Lo dreamed of being a great artist. The written word were his medium and in the early years of his career he was good. Then he went to college, got into a creative writing program and found that he no longer was able to do the kind of work he use to. He dropped out and came home trying to collect his life.
Quote: "Some nights I dream that once more I'll stand over Jessica's Body"
Current Status: Main Character

Name: Kelli Sandurz
Occupation: Photographer for the Point Shopper
Back Story: Kelli attended High School with Lo. Her story mirrors his in that respect. She was unable to afford college so she instead went to work and became a photographer for the Point Shopper. She started at the bottom and after a few years work has become one of there best contributors. Once she felt that art was her path but now it seems that being paid for photos is enough... or was.
Quote: "If I take a bad picture the only words I get is, 'That sucks,' so not every picture is worth a thousand words. Thank God."
Current Status: Main Character

Name: Jessica Sulivan
Occupation: Dead
Back Story: Jessica was the student that everyone wanted or wanted to be. She seemed perfect in every way but underneath something was wrong and no one noticed. A month before school let out for the summer Jessica leapt from the old boardwalk into the ocean . Her body was found by Lo while he was wandering the beach. It was this experience of the death of hope that gave way to the title "Over Jessica's Body"
Quote: "If people actually knew me maybe this wouldn't come as a surprise."- Found in a notebook after her death.
Current Status: Dead but still a Supporting Character

Name: Hector Caulfield
Occupation: Da boss at Point Shopper
Back Story: He graduated college and got a job working at a newspaper. By screwing up pretty badly Hector was forced to take a job at a small weekly paper. It has been his goal since starting to turn the Point Shopper into a little better respected piece of Journalism. For the most part he has failed but most of that has come from budget and people not wanting to do actual work for it. Quote: "That's almost good for the front page."
Current Status: Supporting Character

Name: Hi! My name is Olivia
Occupation: Midnight drive thru at Burger Station
Back Story: High school graduate that has to work the midnight shift in order to support herself. She was once the assistant manager but then Marco got her bumped back to drive thru by telling the boss the cockroachs had become immune to any conventional means of killing them. This was not how she wants her life to go but at the same time there isn't much open. So instead of working hard and moving up in the world she slacks off and plays jokes on people with Marco.
Quote: "For the love of God we aren't serving breakfast yet!"
Current Status: Rotting in Limbo

name: Hi! My name is Marco
Occupation: Grill Stud at Burger Station
Back Story: When Marco was 5 he had his brain surgically removed. Or so he says. The truth is Marco comes from a normal family and found that by doing incredibly weird things he would feel better. He got a job working grave yard because everyone knows all the weirdos come out then so he figured why not work then. He is a recent high school drop out who is just making money until his band My Opossum and That Strange Taste gets off the ground or members with talent. Which ever comes first.
Quote: "It's a proven fact anyone that eats enough fast food between the hours of midnight and 6 am will eventually have there brain disappear from rot."
Current Status: Rotting in Limbo

Name: Fan Boy
Occupation: Aging fan boy
Back Story: Fan Boy is a lonely 35 year old that still lives with his parents and has no desire to change that situation. Fan Boy only has a few hobbies and most of them he has had since he was a child. He will hold that over anyone who has not had the same hobbies since then or is younger then him. In short he is a dork with a superiority complex. So watch out.
Quote: "If any of you were paying attention to the history of the world I made, you would know that... You mean you don't remember that from six months ago. Let me start at them beginning..." Goes on for 2 hours about the history in a monotone voice.
Current Status: Side Story Character